Carrot-peas Poriyal

An irresistible and colorful carrot-peas poriyal can be taken as a salad or as a side for rice. Nowadays kids are spending most of their time with mobile phones and other devices, we need to protect their eyes by including carrots in their diet everyday.  Carrots & peas compliment each other in all respects whether it is their colour, texture, taste or nutrients. Carrot’s beta carotene, peas’ protein and fiber in both make it a nutritious poriyal.

Cooking Time: 10 min

Serves : 2


  1. Carrot (large) – 1 No.
  2. Peas – 7 pods
  3. Onion – 1 No.
  4. Coconut oil – 1 tsp
  5. Curry leaves – 1 sprig
  6. Green chilli – 1 No.
  7. Coconut meat – 10 pieces (each half inch)
  8. Cumin seeds – 1/2 tsp
  9. Salt – 1/4 tsp


Cooking Directions:

  • Wash & chop carrot into small cubes.
  • Chop onion finely.
  • Add fresh peas & carrot cubes into a bowl.
  • Pour a tbsp of water and microwave for 4 min.
  • Grind coconut & chilli coarsely without adding water.
  • Heat a pan with oil, add cumin seeds, curry leaves & onions and saute for a min in medium flame.
  • Add cooked carrot & peas and saute for 30 sec.
  • Add salt followed by ground coconut.
  • Mix them well and remove from heat.
  • Carrot-peas poriyal is ready to serve.

Please Note:

  1. You may use shallots instead of onion.
  2. You may cook the vegetables by steaming or boiling.

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  1. Savvy Raj says:

    Like having this even more when served on a banana leaf than on a regular plate as the orange of the carrot is juxtaposed nicely on the green leaf . Visually very earthy and appealing!

    1. Megala says:

      Thanks a lot !

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