Meals with No-tamarind Curry

Meals with no-tamarind curry is one of our traditional gluten-free meal that brings me back nostalgic memories of relishing food as a child. This delicious flavorful meal used to be prepared by my mother with home grown vegetables. I still remember the mixed flavors of coconut oil, fresh vegetables & spices that filled our entire house.  I & my siblings relished this lunch served with crunchy papads of unique flavor. In those days we never say “no” to any dish or vegetable or greens as most of the dishes were prepared with various combination of vegetables; and they were so flavorful as they were cooked in low temperature for longer time.

Please check these gluten-free meals with drumstick leaves sambar; these meals have a good combination of carbs, proteins, vitamins, minerals &  fibers and serves as a balanced diet.

A meal with drumstick leaves sambar, avial (I have used jackfruit seeds in it) & bell peppers stir-fry can be served with deep fried (Kerala) papadam & curd; drumstick leaves sambar contains protein & iron required for active people; bell pepper fry contains Vit.C and hence helps absorbing iron completely; avial, a mixed vegetable curry, provides vitamins & minerals required for a day; curd is a rich source of calcium that is required to increase bone density; papadam is made of black gram, a rich source of protein & minerals.

IMG_6721This meal with drumstick leaves curry & broad beans poriyal can be served along with curd & roasted appalam; drumstick leaves & broad bean contain dietary fiber & hence control cholesterol and aid in digestion.img_4358

Also click on the images below for their recipes.





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