Coriander Seeds Chutney

I like to use pan-roasted coriander seeds for its amazing flavour to prepare flavorful sambar, chutney, or curry. Coriander seeds chutney can be served as a dip for chips, papads or crackers, or as a spread for sandwich or as a side for idli, dosa, any rice varieties & millet porridge (kanji or koozh). We can also use this chutney as an instant masala for any gravy or kuzhambu to enhance the flavor; so we can prepare in large quantity and refrigerate for a week.

Health benefits of coriander seeds: As per Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine, this spice has many healing powers; particularly it aids in digestion, stimulates appetite, prevents food poisoning and lowers blood sugar. Coriander seeds chutney is very effective in alleviating morning sickness for pregnant women.

Now let us prepare this multipurpose coriander seeds chutney as below:

img_5823Time Taken: 10 min

Serves : 4


  1. Coriander seeds (malli vidhai) – 1/2 cup
  2. Red chillies (milagai vatral) – 13 Nos
  3. Tamarind (puli) – please refer the image below
  4. Coconut (thaengai) – 7 pieces (each 1 inch length)
  5. Jaggery (vellam) – 1/2 tsp
  6. Salt (uppu) – 1 tsp
  7. Sesame oil (nallennai) – 1 tsp


Cooking Directions:

  • Heat a pan with oil in low flame.
  • Roast red chillies & remove from pan before getting burnt.
  • In the same pan add coriander seeds and roast in low flame until they release pleasant aroma.
  • When they reach room temperature, grind them into a powder.
  • Add tamarind & coconut pieces and grind without adding water.
  • Add jaggery & salt and whisk for a while.
  • Add water gradually and grind for few times until chutney becomes smooth.
  • Transfer coriander seeds chutney to a serving bowl & garnish with tempering.

Please Note: 

  • Please be careful while roasting red chillies & coriander seeds; roast them separately in low flame and remove from pan before getting burnt. If one of them is burnt chutney tastes bitter & it will be in black/ brown color.
  • If you want to refrigerate this chutney for longer period, do not use coconut pieces.
  • Coriander seeds take longer time to grind into a fine paste; it is better to add water little by little & grind it as smooth as possible.

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  1. Is this what it is called as malli thuvayal?

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