Fresh Fruit Salad

Whenever I don’t feel like cooking I make this simple fruit salad and have it for my lunch. The star ingredients here are mint leaves & chaat masala without which I would definitely feel like missing a meal; so anyone who wants to reduce the in-take of carbs can try this salad as it satiates one’s hunger; kids also like chaat masala, so you can serve this salad to children who refuse to take fruits.

Salad making is all about balancing color, texture and taste; I use crunchy apple & squishy banana for texture; sweet green grapes & sour black grapes for adding color & taste. I also use lemon juice to prevent oxidation. You can add other fruits like dates, fresh figs, guava, papaya, pear, pineapple, pomegranate, raisins, etc.; I do not like to use too many fruits also. I would like to have fruit salad immediately after chopping fruits rather than being refrigerated. We can not top this salad with whipped cream or ice cream as it does not go well with chaat masala, healthy indeed! Please check this link for health benefits of fresh fruit salad:

It is safe to use organic fruits for salads. In either case it is always better to wash well before chopping into bite-sized pieces. I prefer to use fresh native fruits than canned or hybrid fruits; I do not want to peel apple and hence I cleaned well to remove chemicals (if any) that help to increase shelf life. Please check the slideshow below:

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Please Note: 

If you do not have chaat masala, you can sprinkle rock salt (pink salt) and roasted cumin seeds powder.


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  1. It looks delicious and easy to make.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Megala says:

      Yes, it is! Thanks!


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