Melon ball fruit salad

Ever since I realized the weight loss properties of musk melons I started including them in my diet as much as possible during the entire summer. Also I stopped making musk melon juice with added sugar for myself but started taking salads to enjoy its health benefits completely.


Now lets make melon ball fruit salad that satiates one’s hunger:


Fruits: I have chosen the fruits musk melon, water melon & papaya, that aid in weight loss and make one feels filling. I used few grapes for adding color into the salad.

  1. Water melon (tharpoosani)
  2. Musk melon (kirni pazham)
  3. Papaya (pappali)
  4. Grapes



  1. Honey
  2. One or two drops of lemon juice (adequate for the quantity of fruit salad shown here)
  3. Finely chopped mint leaves


Fruit salad:

  • Scoop out fruits using a measuring spoon as shown below.
  • Combine all the fruits together in a mixing bowl.
  • In a bowl, whisk honey & lemon juice together and add chopped mint leaves.
  • Pour over the fruit balls to coat them.
  • Serve chilled or at room temperature.


Tips & tweaks:

  • You may also use any fleshy fruit like mango, passion fruit, etc. to make such balls.
  • You may take this salad even without any dressing, instead you can sprinkle a pinch of pepper/ cumin powder or chaat masala.
  • The dressing I used in here masks the raw smell of melons & papaya, however it does not overpower the sweetness of fruits.

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