Coconut milk biryani with baby potato curry

A long time ago I read through an eye-opening piece of information published in almost all the newspapers & magazines about the special menu meticulously planned by the top chefs to ease the tension during the talks between Indian premier & Pakistan president at Agra summit in 2001. It made me to realize for the first time that the food we ingest not only nourishes our body but also influences our mind, mood, or thoughts as well. It also struck me that it is possible to tame the tantrums played by kids, or to channel the teens’ minds to set their goals by serving mind-calming foods. Apparently every mother could play a crucial role for the physical, mental & emotional well being of her children by serving appropriate food to fulfill their needs.

Coconut milk is a wonderful ingredient that nourishes our body with protein, vitamins & minerals and also acts as a natural stress buster. According to Ayurveda coconut cools our body & mind and pacifies pitta & vata dosha, so obviously coconut milk aids to keep us calm and composed. Besides coconut milk has a hearty amount of manganese (0.916 mg per 100 g which is about 45% of our daily requirement according to USDA nutrient database) essential to maintain a healthy brain function. Evidently coconut milk is ideal for children preparing their board exams as it helps to keep them in good spirit and also boosts their brain power. Hence I feel it is a good idea to prepare various dishes using coconut milk like vegetable stew (sodhi), curries, or desserts like payasam, panna cotta, etc. that will get the children through the upcoming board exams.

We can rejuvenate exhausted children who return home in the late evening after spending the whole day of preparation for their board exams by serving delicious & energizing coconut milk based main course or desserts. Here I have prepared coconut milk vegetable biryani using broccoli, cauliflower, pea beans, fresh peas, etc. and served with grilled baby potatoes dunked into creamy cashew-yogurt curry (Kashmiri dum aloo). This delicious pair could also be a perfect treat for the guests at children’s birthday parties or any other family gatherings.

You may check out the recipe for coconut milk biryani in the second page and for baby potato curry in the third page. (Please find the links to those pages above the Comments section.)


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  1. This recipe sounds awesome, want to try it soon;

  2. Rita says:

    Biryani with coconut milk is new. Creamy. I use curds.

    1. Megala says:

      Hope you like this version. Thanks much.

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