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About me & this blog:

  • I am Megala living in Chennai, India.
  • I was not interested in cooking until I got married. When I realized that the health of our family lies in my kitchen, I started looking for healthy ingredients and healthy cooking practices.
  • This blog is created mainly to keep an archive of our family recipes and hence I post  recipes of the food that I serve usually to my family.
  • Recipes posted here are influenced by my parents, relatives, neighbors and friends; my parents & relatives are basically from Tirunelveli, some of my childhood friends & neighbors were from chettinad and we also have friends from different parts of India. 
  • I feel we must be fully aware of what we eat and why we should eat them. Hence I provide nutrition details & health benefits of every recipe. 
  • All my recipes have measurement for all ingredients including salt, oil and water as they attribute taste and consistency of our food. 
  • All my recipes have step-by-step pictorial illustration, hence bachelors or even children can try them just by looking at the pictures; yet I recommend to read the recipe for some useful tips.

I thank my husband for his support & encouragement and my son for teaching me photography.

I also thank my mother who has been inspiring me to work harder and I dedicate this blog to my late father who used to gift me books on health & nutrition.

Here are some of the books gifted by him:



It is a wonderful book gifted by him when I was pregnant; I still refer this book for any health related information.

Stay connected with this blog for healthy traditional vegetarian recipes and share your thoughts as well.