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Welcome to Megala’s kitchen.

About me & my recipes:

  • I am Megala living in Chennai, a southern metro city of India.
  • My recipes are influenced by my parents, relatives and friends; my parents & parents-in-law are natives of Tirunelveli. Obviously you will find here authentic Tirunelveli vegetarian recipes for sodhi with inji pachadi, kootanchoru, thuvaram paruppu sadam, ulutham paruppu sadam, ulundhang kali, kummiyanam, idi sambar, puli illa curryetc.
  • Although I enjoy trying my hand at various vegetarian recipes around the globe, I derive immense satisfaction while cooking traditional food that my mother & grand mothers served to us. So I landed here to keep an archive of such recipes for the next generation; apparently I like to post the recipes of those foods that I like to serve to my family.
  • I have been learning to identify nutritious ingredients & healthy cooking practices during my culinary journey. I am glad to share here the knowledge acquired through this journey hoping that it would be beneficial to homecooks & novices to a large extent.
  • My recipes are illustrated with step-by-step photos that can be easily followed by everyone; yet I recommend to read them for some useful tips.
  • All my recipes quantify all ingredients including salt, oil and water as they are the key ingredients attributing taste and consistency of any food. Please note that I use salt little less than required; I prefer to season food with iodized salt before serving as it aids in better absorption of iodine.
  • I feel it is imperative for the mother to understand what we eat & why we eat them, because health of a family lies in its kitchen. Hence the links of reputed sites for nutrition details & health benefits are provided along with recipes.
  • My recipes are published only in this virtual space and I am not hosting any YouTube channel right now.

I thank my husband for his support & encouragement and my son, who is pursuing photography as a hobby, for teaching me photography !

I also thank my mother, an avid-gardener, who produces her own organic vegetables & fruits and inspires me with her vast knowledge in cooking & gardening.

I dedicate this whole space to my late father who used to encourage us to take healthy food by gifting us books on health & nutrition like these:


If you find my blog interesting & useful, please share your thoughts and stay connected here for healthy traditional vegetarian recipes !