Indian Popsicles

I remember my childhood days indulging in a stick ice (Popsicle) every summer vacation. Nowadays those ice pops are replaced by ice cream and people like us would really miss them so much. So here are my recipes for those forgotten ice pops that are truly Indian! I have prepared my favorite kulfi ice ,…

Sweet Poha

Beaten rice or poha or aval is an easily digestible form of rice. Aval puttu (sweet poha) is a traditional sweet usually prepared on Tamil New Year day. It tastes scrumptious when sprinkled over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  

Ebony Sweetmeat

Ulundhangkali is a soft silky delicious ebony sweet; it is a traditional south Indian sweetmeat prepared mainly for teenage girls & pregnant women. Ulundhu kali is believed to strengthen uterus & bones and it is our customary to serve this kali to a girl when she attains her puberty. Our grandmothers never had arthritis &…

Millet Payasam

Millet payasam is a dessert that you can take with no guilt as it is gluten free; I have used coconut paste instead of coconut milk so that it contains less fat. Everybody will surely love this crunchy yummy flavorful payasam. The millet I used here is foxtail millet very much suitable for making desserts….