Recipes for Women Health


On this International Women’s Day I wish every woman happy & healthy.


I have compiled a list of nutritious recipes that make young girls, mothers & grandmothers healthy; visit this page regularly and you may find this list growing!

Young Girls: Ebony Sweetmeat is made of black grams and is good for bone health.


For Pregnant women: Coriander seeds chutney helps to alleviate nausea & morning sickness.


Lactating Mothers: These patties are made of banana flowers that are good for lactating mothers.


For women going through menopause: Soy contains isoflavones, plant estrogens, so you can try this briyani with soy nuggets.


For Grandmothers:  Millet Noodles made of finger millets rich in calcium & iron and is easily digestible as they are steamed.



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