Fig upside down cake

Elders in our families were of the opinion that baking cakes is a painstakingly strenuous procedure, hence nobody dared to bake cakes at home previously. We usually devour the cakes bought from the reputed bakery in our locality, and we had an opportunity to relish home-baked cakes every Christmas shared by our friends & neighbors….


Eggless Walnut Bundt Cake

Eggless walnut banana cake is my family’s favorite for its appealing flavor, texture & taste. Mashed bananas & toasted walnuts compliment each other, sweet bananas suppress the bitterness of walnuts and provide wonderful flavor & texture.Being a vegetarian I like to use walnuts as much as possible as these are few of the plant based…

Fresh Fruit Salad

Whenever I don’t feel like cooking I make this simple fruit salad and have it for my lunch.┬áThe star ingredients here are mint leaves & chaat masala without which I would definitely feel like missing a meal; so anyone who wants to reduce the in-take of carbs can try this salad as it satiates one’s…