Fig upside down cake

Elders in our families were of the opinion that baking cakes is a painstakingly strenuous procedure, hence nobody dared to bake cakes at home previously. We usually devour the cakes bought from the reputed bakery in our locality, and we had an opportunity to relish home-baked cakes every Christmas shared by our friends & neighbors….


Fig & Ginger Truffles

Truffles are delicious yet nutritious treats that can be ideally prepared to gift your loved ones on any special occasion. These truffles are made of nuts, dry fruits and dark chocolate that are rich sources of vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants; dark chocolate is good for healthy heart & brain. I have prepared truffles using powdered…

Fig Juice

Fig juice is the best way to include nutrients rich figs in our diet. Fig juice can be served to people of all ages. Health Benefits: As figs contain more calcium than any other fruit, they are good for our teeth & bone health which is particularly needed for women and old people’s health. Figs…