Horsegram Idli

Horsegram crops are usually grown in drought-hit parts of India particularly in South India, and both the beans & hay are used as fodder mainly for horses. Since horse gram is considered a nutritional powerhouse, it is normally recommended for workmen or sportsmen who involve themselves in physically challenging activities, but for others it may be consumed in small quantity. So I used to make horse gram dosa specially when my son participates in sports activities, and I also like to include horse gram into our diet during winter or monsoon as it is useful to keep our body warm in this season.

Horse gram Idli Powder

Horse gram or kollu is a humble bean with amazing health benefits. Horse gram is normally recommended by Ayurvedic practitioners for weight loss, to control cholesterol, treat jaundice & menstrual problems and also to keep us warm during winter. The best way to include horse gram idli powder (kollu podi) into our diet is by adding a teaspoon of horsegram idli powder into a cup of buttermilk as it helps to reduce the body heat generated by horse gram.